Here a few really useful website to get your started playing the keyboard in no time!

Piano Lessons - Offers a 12 step course on how to play the piano by ear as well as some educational articles on learning the piano.

Piano Lessons for Beginners - is an extremely helpful learning tool teaching you how to play the piano.

Piano Lessons - Want to Learn Piano? Our Music Teachers Rate the Top Online Piano Courses. We also provide free online lesson videos to get you started.

Piano Tutorial - A great site for beginner pianists who are looking to learn how to play the piano.

Guitar Links & Resources

How To Play Guitar - These video guitar lessons will give you everything you need to master the art of playing the guitar. With guitar forums, famous guitar bios, videos, and pictures, and much more, is the #1 resource online for aspiring guitarists of all skill levels!

Beginner Guitar Lessons - Learn how to play the guitar with beginner guitar lessons on!

Guitar DVDs - The top guitar DVDs available today are all featured on this growing resource!

Online Guitar Lessons - Online guitar lessons are an affordable way to learn how to play the guitar on your own time!

Blues Guitar Lessons - Learn how to play blues music on the guitar with this awesome blues guitar site!