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Learning to play the keyboard is a craft that few take the time to master. Once you have mastered the keyboard, take your new found skill to a new level by playing for a local church community. You can do this in one of two ways. Either be a part of Sunday morning worship service or become a teacher of church keyboard music.

Church keyboard lessons teach you how to be a part of church services. You will learn how to play hymns and other special service music for this exciting volunteer opportunity. All church keyboard music players are on a volunteer basis. It is virtually unheard of for a church keyboard music player to receive monetary compensation for their services.

Churches provide a variety of different opportunities for piano players to be a part of the services. This is the perfect opportunity for church piano players to fine tune the skills learned during music lessons. Part of the lessons will teach you how to listen to those signing around you so that you can know when to accent or hold musical notes. This is referred to as play along with voice accompaniment. Church keyboard playing is the key instrument that helps everyone else during musical portions of the service.

Youth ministry services are the latest form of worship to hit churches across the globe. A big part of this service format is the church keyboard player. By taking lessons you will learn how to play along with other musical instruments of a youth service. You will also learn how to memorize hymns. A great benefit to taking church keyboard music lessons is the variety of hymns you will be exposed to. For example, every church keyboard player knows how to play “How Great Thou Art” and “Amazing Grace” by heart. Other great songs that will be memorized are any Christmas Carol. Church keyboard players are often the highlight of a Christmas worship service.

Church KeyboardYou will open the door towards becoming more involved in your community and local church ministry. It is also a great starting block for learning about music and how to be a part of a bigger musical group. Playing as the church keyboard player will allow you the opportunity to engage in musical worship with other individuals.

The opportunity of music minister is open to any church keyboard player that truly feels a calling to the service of musical worship. It is a great place to display personal skill levels. You can become passionate about the music you are playing and let that passion shine through in the music you play during worship services.

Church activities often occur outside of the traditional Wednesday and Sunday services. Start by asking the church music director if anyone provides church keyboard lessons. Chances are that individual or someone on that staff offers church keyboard lessons on another day of the week.
Church keyboard lessons lead the way towards you learning a lot about yourself. This comes by finding passion in the music you play and sharing that passion with other members of the church worship service musical team.

If you are interested in playing the keyboard in your church you should try to have a solid background in classical keyboard music as well. Also, playing the keyboard by ear is not required but would be a helpful skill when playing at church.

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