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Many types of musical instruments exist to play, and there are some that are so similar that they cause debate about which is actually better. Although no instrument is inherently better or worse than another, each has its advantages and disadvantages. The most well-known of these instruments are electric guitar and acoustic guitar, but a classical piano and electric keyboard have just about as much rivalry. Pianists believe that the piano is a better instrument because it stresses more precision, but keyboardists claim that keyboards have a wider versatility of instruments. 

Electronic keyboards do usually have a selection of over a hundred instruments to choose from that have been synthesised. You can practice with as many of these as you like and also record different tracks to play, as in all the instrumental parts to a song. Unlike pianos, electronic keyboards don’t need acoustics to make good sound because they create the sound electronically. New musicians can make the mistake of coming to rely on this and not understand how to tune. Also, keyboards are tuned to the perfect pitch for each note automatically. This takes away the experience of getting the feel of the instrument. With a keyboard, you have only to hold the key down for the required amount of time for a note to play – you can do this with a piano as well, but the pedals have to be used properly as well to accomplish this. Keyboards have a preset volume that’s adjusted via a switch or knob. 

However, a piano is more difficult to play and master at first – you don’t have any electronic tuning measures or alternate instruments to guide you. In order to hold a note on a piano, you have to press one of the foot pedals as well as pressing the key to play the note. This helps to develop your sense of timing. Also, your playing volume is determined by how hard you strike the keys, so you have more hands-on control over the volume of your playing than a keyboard offers you. With a piano, it requires a sense of acoustics to function, so the most precision possible is needed to play with any decent sound. Pianos don’t make the player have to rely on preset sounds to make music. 

Also, you have to consider what instrument would be more appropriate to a situation or setting. If you’re creating a band, the keyboard is a good choice for several different reasons – mainly that a keyboard’s certainly more portable than a piano. Also it can be amplified to be heard in a crowd along with guitars and other instruments. Pianos are mostly played in churches and other quieter venues. You can choose either piano or keyboard depending on where you want to go with your musical career. The keyboard gives you more ability to diversify and to reach a greater audience, but it also can hold you back as far as musical development if you forget about learning more intricate musical theory. The piano isn’t quite as popular as the keyboard, and it also is more time-consuming mastering the playing techniques relating to manipulating the instrument to get the sound you want. Both instruments have their own pros and cons, but you could say this about any two instruments. Your choice is really dependent on personal taste.

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